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Save time
Reduce costs
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It is a MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) platform, which works independently or integrated with existing solutions, fully integrated with sensors, machines and other software to better optimize internal processes, using various AI (Artificial Intelligence) processes to automate administrative tasks, reduce dead stock, reduce waste in production, optimize production scheduling and much more...

This is the first platform of it's kind to integrate with Artificial Intelligence systems such as OpenAI (e.g. ChatGPT, Davinci, etc.) among others for data interpretation and charts creation based on your own business! It's the quickest method to get business specific answers about your own business with any KPI that you want, any measurement or even future planning/suggestions based on your own business.

THe Artificial Intelligence revolution is here and Jenova is in the front line!

The problem

Simplicity! This is the watchword that was actually missing.

Production industry specific platforms such as MRPs, MOMs, etc. tend to be very complex and expensive or very cheap and useless, serving only as a database.

Specific AI solutions are only offered by large players in the market, such as Deltek, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc., with implementation costs that reach millions per company.

Therefore, there was no platform on the market to offer these services in a simple way and at an affordable price for small and medium sized factories... until now!

The Solution

Jenova MOM it's the platform that can centralize all processes, allowing to manage the multilevel BoM (Bill-of-Materials) of your products, your inventory, your production, quotes, orders, HR, equipment maintenance, etc.

Using formulas as simple as we can do in an Excel file, in order to create a true BoM, taking into account all possible conditions for virtually any industry.

Our main objective while thinking and creating AI concepts by Prof. Dorothy Monekosso and by Prof. Paolo Remagnino, aims to automatize multiple processes translating that into time saving, costs reduction and ultimately, profit margins increse.

Why should you have Jenova?

JENOVA is constantly evolving, and with the almost exponential growth of AI methods today, the platform aims to keep up with this process and stay on top of the wave in terms of innovation.

Here are some of the benefits of acquiring the platform at this stage:

  • Privilege of belonging to a pioneering group, being a unique opportunity for you to be heard more at this stage and to have the platform truly tailored to you, with a much smaller investment
  • Leverage free publicity with marketing by JENOVA, disclosing (whenever allowed) the name of the pioneers using the platform
  • Opportunity to use cutting edge of AI methods applied to your business, with processes designed by top international PhD professors
  • Better results overall (as explained in this Harvard study)


Artificial Inteligence

Automatic suggestions to improve processes in production, HR, inventory and even sales

Real Time Tracking

Have everything under control anytime, anywhere, at your fingertips

- Costs / + Margins

By learning how the business works, the system will suggest different process improvements

Fully Integrated

With other software or sensors, you can integrate with virtually anything you can imagine

Easy to Use & Fast

Time is money and simplicity allows you to perform the same tasks in less time

Highly Customizable

Can adapt to virtually any process, adapting to any needs that your business might have


During the launch phase of JENOVA, we are also working together with our customers to analyze which are the best solutions in terms of plans.

As we want each customer to be treated in a unique and exclusive way, since each business is unique, it is preferable that, without commitment, you talk to us to get more information.


Simple, intuitive and with the information you need

Automated BoM

Fully automate your BoM (Bill-of-Materials) and quickly create quotes, converting them into orders and then into production orders, with just a few clicks.

Unlimited Automatisms

Get your products to have any kind of rules and automatisms, to truly automate your business and save time

Simplified Production

Save time and offer your workers a powerful yet simple to use tool

Gantt Chart

Automate priorities and visualize everything in a simple and intuitive way

Stock Management

Get a simple view and record of all stock movements

Chatbot Jenova IA (beta)

The Jenova chatbot is a powerful tool that uses the most advanced AI techniques to answer any question (in beta phase)

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